Trade War 2020
"A single spark means the outbreak of a war
When goods don't cross the border, soldiers will"

Chair:Revanth Vedala

Vice Chair:Abhishek Sudke

Reform is not the solution required here, for there is not enough time. Economic disaster, the threat of war, the wrath of nature, the hourglass of time is not patient enough to let you catch up. What you do here affects the world instantly, slipping up is NOT an option.Take wisdom from past decisions, yet make your own. Step up to the situation, for all you know, the balance in the world relies on one decision. Only time will tell what is right and what is not.
If live action, immediate consequences, improvisation and high stakes are your cup of tea, Continuous Crisis Committee is the place to be. Come and experience the committee that deals with problems that no one is ever quite equipped to handle. Limited resources, one limitless problem that needs solving.
Of course, expect a surprise or two. After all, Crisis is always around the corner…… And you won’t see it coming.

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