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Utkarsh Shankar
Director General
Tejas Vaid
Secretary General
Varaali Chawla
Rushabh Musthyala
Under Secretary General
Meghana CPS
Deputy Secretary General

About Us

One of the most celebrated MUNs in India, and the amongst the largest in South India, BITSMUN Hyderabad is one among the few Indian MUNs that sees international participation from multiple countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore and Sri Lanka, to name a few. After having seven very successful editions we present you this year, a much bigger, better and diverse BITSMUN 2019. The conference this year, to be held from October 18th-20th, spans over a period of 3 days, where participants showcase their exemplary communication skills, be it first timers or seasoned MUNners from all over world. Every day at BITSMUN is unique in itself, with fantastic debate and talks from eminent personalities. Last year we had a talk by Dr Subramanian Swamy. BITSMUN has always put emphasis on good debating quality with an executive board consisting of only the best and experienced MUNners in the country. At BITSMUN, we believe in inculcating a sense of responsibility and awareness amongst the students of today who are the future leaders of tomorrow. We encourage critical and quick thinking in a professional yet socially stimulating setting through the event-five riveting councils, thought provoking agendas and a sense of togetherness.

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