The Humanitarian Impacts of Unilateral and Multilateral Sanctions

Chair:Vaivab Das

Vice Chair:Azka Khan

War and peace are two of the most deadly weapons in human history, one not existing without the other. The effects of war and the cost of peace are truly valued by the ones that bear the brunt of the sacrifices made and the ones who suffer the consequences of these actions. Headquartered in Geneva, the UNHRC was formed in March 2006. It was formed as a result of certain countries that have poor human rights being a part of the previous committee (commission on human rights). To ensure that countries that really have a strict emphasis on their human rights, the HRC was thereby introduced. The council has 47 states are current members. The HRC works in close relation with the OHCHR and engages the UN’s special procedures. They allow us as people to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice, and peace. A slight deterrent in these basic rights and regulations that help us be our true self ruins the essence of humanity. We as humans need to stand united with one another and fight against those who oppress us or try to take away these invaluable laurels form us. Giving humanity it’s sweet and harmonious existence in the right manner at the BITSMUN 19.

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