Cooperation between United Nations and Regional Organizations in Maintaining International Peace and Security

President:Varad Choudhary

Vice President:Arkoprabho Hazra

The Security Council, the apex committee of the United Nations, and one of its six principal organs. The first ever Security Council session was held on 17th January 1946, and to this day, it remains the only UN Committee that can issue binding resolutions to member nations. The member states consist of 5 permanent nations, each of them retaining the power to veto any resolution presented to the committee, and 10 non-permanent nations, elected for a term of two years, along with a certain number of observer states.
The Security Council is tasked with ensuring international security, accepting new members to the United Nations, and approving changes to the UN charter. UN peacekeepers enforce the resolutions passed by the Security Council, funded independently from the UN main budget. The Security Council being the most powerful and exclusive body of the UN, the debate will be fiery and competitive, with agendas pertaining to relevant issues that require swift action and innovative solutions. The committee experience will be one-of-a-kind, with experienced delegates and executive board members adding an edge to the already intense debate.

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